Extraordinary evolution

Expertise and know­ how together with talent and research have given birth to a unique machine the “S1M”.

The S1M is based on a solid technology and guarantees high efficiency and performances thanks to new and patented innovations.

It represents the evolution of the traditional circular machine; the true argyle gives the possibility to create a seamless upper, with possible different areas according to the type of yarn or to the colour, ready for the application of the sole.

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The first circular true argyle machine for the production of seamless uppers

The S1M eliminating the waste of material is a circular machine offering 100% sustainability. Due to its versatility the machine can produce uppers for any kind of use, from the technical to the sports and fashion shoes for the free time.

Extraordinary is the production efficiency and the speed of this machine never reached before.”S1M” boasts incredible production times: from 5 to 7 minutes per piece.

The S1M guarantees quality, reliability and is absolutely easy to use, it can minimize the costs and the production times meeting the demands of the international foot­ wear market.

This machine gives the possibility to create an upper made by independent areas, each one composed by one or more garn with different characteristics in flexibility and resistance, according to the desired final effect and matching unlimited patterns and colour combinations.

During the production process the machine can create three-dimensional areas, eyelets for the laces forming a unique shape with the upper.

Technical features

  • 4 feeds
  • Electronically controlled by "on board" computer
  • 18 electro­pneumatic yarn fingers
  • Extra Rubber yarn finger with positive feeder electronically controlled by digital motor
  • 8 groups of actuators for needle by needle selection
  • Stitch quality programmable by steps motor
  • Heel + Toe
  • Check control for all function and feed­back trouble detection
  • Electronic size control (8 size)
  • Automatic machine resetting in 3 seconds

Technical features

Machine gauge10
Max SpeedRPM 160
Net weightKg 280
Gross weightKg 380

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