Socks Machines

Full electronic single cylinder machine for the production of TRUE ARGYLE socks for man, woman & children

Production features:

  • 4 feeds
  • Brushless main motor
  • Electronically controlled by "on board" micro computer
  • 18 electro-pneumatic yarn fingers
  • Rubber yarn finger with positive feeder electronically controlled by step by step motor
  • 8 groups of actuators for needle by needle selection
  • Stich quality programmable by 127 steps motor
  • Heel + toe without picker and dropper
  • In case of needle breakage, the m/c stops with the broken needle in front ready to be replaced
  • Check control for all function and trouble detection
  • Electronical size control (8 size)
  • Seghetta operante solo durante i cambi dei fili
  • Automatic machine resetting in 3 seconds

Tipo di produzione

  • True argyle
  • True argyle with sandwich terry
  • Jacquard in 4 feeds
  • Three dimensional
  • Non-run button hole
  • Patterned or multi-colors heel & toe
  • 2 colors motif


Machine gauge7/12
SpeedRPM 200
Consumtion with fanKW 1.50
Net WeightKg 280
Gross WeightKg 380

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